Beach on Bahía Petempich, turquoise sea, cloudy sky and a rainbow, by UXATA Personal Chef Services

Afternoon sweet treat in Bahia Petempich

Let´s call a Private Chef for a break, in the cozy rainy caribbean weather!

There is nothing better for a rainy day than a comforting cup of hot cocoa with a touch of whipped cream coconut flakes and cinnamon. Intense flavors, smooth texture. Yum!

Hot cocoa with whipped cream coconut flakes and cinnamon on a cup, by UXATA Personal Chef Services

How about an accompaniment… which one would be the perfect match?

Mango pie with whipped cream and mint leaves on a plate, by UXATA Private Chef Services
Mango pie, creamy texture, fresh and seasonal flavor, with a touch of whipped cream.
Portions of meringue lemon pie double filling on plates on Petempich bay
Delicious meringue lemon pie, double filling, perfect combination and balance of sour and sweet flavors.

You can have it both, definitely! Treat yourself and enjoy it while you contemplate the beautiful landscape.

Trunk on the shore of the beach, turquoise sea, waves and partially cloudy sky on Petempich Bay.
Contact us link in a picture of the coast and the sea waves

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