Bachelorette girls sharing a tropical fruit plate in a Brunch by UXATA Private Chef Services in Tulum, Riviera Maya.

Bach it up! The neverending bach party in the Riviera Maya, with UXATA Private Chef Services

All day, all night long, having fun, sharing laughs, food, drinks and hilarious moments.

Bach party in the Riviera Maya with us, on the amazing Caribbean landscapes. We take care of flavors and aromas, and you enjoy the paradise life style. It’s that easy!

Fun at Ikal Bungalows, with the fantastic The beach Planner and @sofiaphotographs

Tropical fruits plate and smoothie at the green leaves decorated table
Tropical fresh fruit plater.
Chef Paula from UXATA Private Chef Services topping with sesame seeds to a bruschetta.
Brunch preparation on progress!
Bachelorette girls sharing a Brunch in Tulum, Riviera Maya.
Sharing a healthy and revitalizing Brunch in the magical Mexican Caribeann.
Brunch decorate table with tropical fruits, salads, and little pots, by UXATA Personal Chef Services, Tulum, Riviera Maya.
A lovely table setting.
Four girls sharing drinks at a bachelorette party by the pool.
Pool party, toast & a lot of laughs!
Pool party toast bachelorette girls in Tulum, by UXATA Private Chef Services.
Pool party, toast & laughs.
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