Seven friends celebrating a bachelorette party, standing in front of a table with a buffet, by UXATA Private Chef Services, in Punta Maroma, Riviera Maya, Mexico.

Pop the Champagne and let´s have fun in Punta Maroma!

The perfect setting and atmosphere to celebrate your bachelor / bachelorette party with us in the Riviera Maya´s paradise. An unique getaway. Delight, fun, laughters, and good vibes. What a better way to experience such an event! Uxata Private Chef Services accompany you from dawn to dusk. You choose how to start your day and […]

Bachelorette girls sharing a tropical fruit plate in a Brunch by UXATA Private Chef Services in Tulum, Riviera Maya.

Bach it up! The neverending party in the Riviera Maya, with UXATA Private Chef Services

All day, all night long, having fun, sharing laughs, food, drinks and hilarious moments. Bach with us on the amazing Caribbean landscape, we put the flavors and the unforgettable experience and you just enjoy it. It’s that easy! Fun at Ikal Bungalows, with the fantastic The beach Planner and @sofiaphotographs