Molcajete with traditional guacamole, by UXATA Private Chef Services, Riviera Maya.

Traditional homemade guacamole recipe

What if we flavored the week with a Mexican delight?

Quick and simple guacamole recipe for a delicious and fresh snack for any time.

Be sure to prepare extra portions of this guacamole recipe. Everyone will love it!
Serves: 10
Cooks: 10 minutes
Difficulty: Super easy
Nutrition facts: Omega 3, vitamin E, C, folic acid, antioxidants, fiber
5 or 6 ripe avocados (seasonal)
1 small chopped onion
1 bunch of fresh and chopped coriander
2 limes, juice from
Sea salt
Fresh ground black pepper
1 diced tomato (Garnish)
1 chopped serrano pepper (optional)

Private Chef Paula Alonso cooking traditional guacamole recipe
Fresh guacamole in progress, by Chef Paula Alonso.

Crush all the ingredients in a mortar or in a bowl with a fork or a masher, so the avocado pulp is mixed with rest of the ingredients.
Place the preparation in a serving dish/bowl and garnished with the diced tomato, add some tortilla chips, crunchy veggies….
Note: You must get a guacamole with visible pieces (this is how traditionally served).

Guacamole preparation in progress, by UXATA Personal Chef Services, Riviera Maya.
For a very local and traditional Guacamole recipe, once the it is prepared, do not forget to decorate it with fresh tomato dices.
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