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Uxata Chef Services in Playa Paraiso Riviera Maya: We are ready to receive the summer with these delicious salads!

6 super simple and practical ideas to prepare tasty and enjoyable salads for  your meals or snacks. As an accompaniment or a main dish, always a hit.

The ideas to prepare a delicious salad can be as varied and complete as the amount of ingredients that we have within reach. This will depend on the season of the year, the geography, the availability, our preferences, etc.

It is all about of getting out of the routine and using our ability to experiment. Come on and dare to mix different flavors, colors, textures and even cooking methods.

Vegetables, fruits, seeds, legumes, cheeses, cold cuts, meats, pasta, cereals, are part of the wide variety to consider and combine to prepare salads. Accompany them with a good dressing, for that final and distinctive touch of flavor.

UXATA Chef Services Chef peeling a grapefruit on a wooden board.

Here are some easy and original examples from UXATA Chef Services Riviera Maya, to innovate in your meals.

1- Mediterranean salad. With artichoke hearts, red and yellow cherry tomatoes, fresh mozzarella pearls, olives and basil leaves. With a simple olive, balsamic, salt and pepper dressing.

Close-up of mediterranean salad with artichokes, red and yellow cherries tomatoes, cheese and basil, by UCATA Personal Chef Services.

2- Warm Beet and Orange Salad. Roasted, with herbal goat cheese to give it a creamy touch, and seasoned with caramelized balsamic, olive, salt and pepper.

Warm beet and orange salad on a plate, by UXATA Private Chef Services

3- Green leaves salad with fresh tuna sealed and sliced, avocado, roasted pineapple, cherry tomatoes and sesame seeds, with Dijon mustard vinaigrette.

Close-up of green leaves salad with fres tuna, by UXATA Chef Services in Playa Paraiso

4- Mexican tomato, panela and nopal salad. All grilled with olive oil. It can be eaten warm or cold and you only need to add an extra touch of salt, pepper, and a few leaves of fresh coriander to decorate.

Mexican tomato, panela and nopal salad on a plate, by UXATA Chef Services Riviera Maya

5- Caprese salad, a classic. Ripe, juicy and sweet tomato with fresh mozzarella and basil leaves. If you want to add an extra touch of flavor, you can season it with a delicious pesto sauce. Or simply with olive oil, balsamic vinegar, salt and pepper.

Spotlight of a caprese salad

6- Green leaves, caramelized pears, toasted walnuts and feta cheese salad. With a sweet  and sour honey, mustard, olive, salt and pepper dressing.

Green leaves, caramelized pears, toasted walnuts and feta cheese salad, by UXATA Personal Cook

Now, how about running to your kitchen and preparing your own creation based on these ideas?

And now, to inspire you a little more, we give to you this beautiful postcard gallery from our beloved Caribbean. Today we are here, at Playa Paraiso!

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