Pepperoni pizza night Bachelorette party in Tulum

Bachelorette party in Tulum! Pizza night!

Rocking the house with THE BEACH PLANNER at ALDEA ZAMÁ.

Bachelorette party in Tulum!! We do the dinner & drinks, and so, you have fun!! The Riviera Maya is a stunning place to celebrate and enjoy with friends. Its landscapes, weather and people make the perfect atmosphere to have a treasurable memory.

UXATA Private Chef Services making pizzas
Chef Paula making pizzas.
UXATA Chef making pizza for bacherolette night in Tulum
UXATA Private Chef Services pizza topping
Pizza topping!!
UXATA Private Chef topping pizza for bacherolette night in Tulum.
UXATA Private Chef Services Bloodie Mary Drink at Bachelorette party in Tulum
Bloodie Mary for everybody!!!
Chocolate brownie with mint leaf decoration, by UXATA Chef at home Riviera Maya.
Cake in a cup with berries, by UXATA Chef Services for Bachelorette party in Tulum

Call us for a Personal Chef for your Bachelorette party in Tulum

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