Apple and spices marmalade in a jar, by UXATA Chef Services in Puerto Morelos

Quick and easy apple and spices marmalade recipe featuring in the stunning Puerto Morelos beach landscape.

To spread breads, fill crepes, fritters, strudel and cakes. Or to accompany cheesses plates, bruschetta and bittersweet dishes. A Chef´s treasure for a sweet snack on your vacation in La Riviera Maya.

Homemade bread toast with apple and spices marmalade by UXATA Personal Chef Services

Serves: 400gr/ 1large jar

Cooks: 2 hours

Difficulty: Easy

Nutrition facts: Soluble and insoluble fiber, Vitamin E, Tartaric and Malic acid, Quercetin.


4 large apples (golden delicious / granny smith)

110 gr of regular sugar (half cup)

1 cinnamon stick

Star anise 1



Wash and carve the apples very well (we will leave the peel). Cut them into small cubes and place them in a bowl with the sugar, cover the bowl and let it rest preferably overnight in the refrigerator. After time, pour the preparation into a pot and add the spices. Cook over low heat for about an hour or until the liquid has turned into a thick syrup.

Apple and spices marmalade in a lovely jar by UXATA Chef Services

Immediately place the marmalade in a glass jar * previously sterilized (* boiled in clean water for 5mn) until completely filled, leaving approximately 2cm between the content and the top. Close and place the jar in a * water bath (* pot with boiling water that should completely cover the jar) for at least 15mn. Turn off the heat and leave the jar in the pot until the water reaches room temperature. Remove the jar and let it warm / cool completely, placing it upside down to favor complete the vacuum sealed. This last step will serve to store our marmalade for several months.

Apple and spices marmalade in a open jar by UXATA Chef Services

Note: For better conservation keep refrigerated once opened.

Surrounded and delighted by the crystalline Puerto Morelos ocean view.

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