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Creamy homemade flan with caramel recipe, by UXATA Private Chef Services.

The ideal dessert recipe that everyone loves

Serves: 8-10
Cooks: 1 hour
Difficulty: easy
Nutrition facts: Vitamin A, D, Calcium, Protein, Iron, Magnesium

1 cup of withe sugar for caramel
Condensed milk
Evaporated milk
4 eggs
1 teaspoon of vainalla extract

First step, caramel preparation:
Put the sugar in a nonstick skillet or pot over low heat, and wait for it to melt completely, until you have a light caramel.

Then, pour the caramel into a medium flan mold or 8-10 individual molds.
Important: do not move or mix the sugar in the process, to avoid lumps.

Second step, flan preparation:
In a blender, place all the remaining ingredients and mix until integrated. You can also do it in a bowl, with a whisk.
After that, place the mixture in the medium flan mold or the individual molds, previously caramelized. Cover it with aluminum foil and cook for approximately 45 minutes in a preheated medium oven, on a water bath (depth baking dish with approx. 3 cm of water ). Finally, remove from the oven and verify that its consistency is firm.

Let it cool and refrigerate.

Unmold and enjoy!!

Close-up caramel flan, by UXATA Personal Chef Services, Riviera Maya.
UXATA Private Chef Services recipe: Homemade flan with caramel
Two servings of caramel flan with topping and cherry, by UXATA Private Chef Services, Playa del Carmen.
Presentation of individual caramel custard with decoration of caramelized sugar and mint leaves, by UXATA Private Chef Services, Playa del Carmen.

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